14 June 2010

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Republic of INDIA

To my partners at home:

My apologies for not sending out updates from India consistently as I had hoped -- every day is very intense here, God's glory + presence are so heavy in this place and I am overwhelmed, in a most wonderful way, every day.

Here is one of my favorite photos taken so far -- we took an excursion out to Mahalibalipuram, in the countryside villages this past weekend to visit a Hands On Houses development site. This is a project of the Equip Foundation, and services for the people here are a product of kingdom planning here at the rēp family. It was such a rejuvenating time to be out and about after being with clients in non-stop meetings + sessions throughout the week at our hotel in the city.

It brought me so much joy + refreshing to play with the children, running around with them outside their thatched-roof huts + down dirt paths in the humidity of these lush rural lands. My heart sings non-stop with thanksgiving to God as I feel like I'm living in a dream -- filled with His mysteries, His revelation, His wonders, His heart everywhere we walk -- He is there in our midst.

I hope to write when I get a chance, thank you for standing with me from the other side of the globe -- thanks to you, God is making magic happen before my eyes all the time, and I couldn't be happier than in these moments, in the here + now. Our team is strong. The Indian people are hungry, + we eat + drink of the Word + Spirit alongside of them as we are of one body, united. The Holy Spirit breathes Life into me, + I always feel an overflow. I am so alive as God does His thing -- poignantly, greatly, perfectly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging + empowering me to be here in India. Thank you for believing in me, in the grace God floods into my life, in the wellsprings of living water He rains into my innermost being that feeds my soul.

With Love,

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