07 October 2010

Johannesburg, Gauteng, Republic of SOUTH AFRICA

 I was supposed to be in Mozambique yesterday, but my connecting flight was overbooked so I got stranded in Johannesburg, South Africa for 2 days -- and what a divine appointment it has been!! Since the rep family (the group I went to India for marketplace ministry consulting with) has a presence in South Africa as well, Pastor Chucks Obinna Ugoihe + his family took me in, and it's been an absolute dream. (Chucks was also on the very first rep venture to India!!! O.G. man.)

I've been running around with Pastor Chucks and meeting so many incredible ministers from all over Africa -- today they did a studio recording of a pastoral roundtable on a cable tv network that broadcasts all over the African continent. I viewed the taping from the control room and took notes ;D We also stopped in the South African branch office of some American ministries as well. I've been getting blessed left and right -- and loving the people here, learning lots about what God is doing in Africa and the things on His heart for the people here. Especially the personal testimony of so many that have suffered greatly, experienced such attack and persecution, yet walk in the ways of the living God -- it is indescribably inspiring. I am so grateful.

I take off for Mozambique in the morning. BTW the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen was on the flight from London into Johannesburg, I think we were flying over Angola when the dawn was breaking -- at 35,000 feet in the air, the red blazing sun was rising over the clouds and breaking forth brilliant, radiant light. It was a breathtaking display of the LIGHT of the Lord over the world. He is risen, and He loves His land, He loves His people.

I haven't even gotten to Mozambique yet, and already I'm overwhelmed by how blessed I am in Jesus. Thank You so much for rending my heart, and what an ethereal season to enter in Your holy name.

Love you all.

P.S. I'm gonna be in really remote areas starting tomorrow, so sorry if I don't reply to your messages or am MIA -- just remember it doesn't change how much I really love you!!!