19 June 2010

Thank You Team India

5 years ago, God set my heart on the people and nation of India.
this past month has been a dream come true, and even better — it was with all of you.

the most amazing June spent in Southern India from the East to the West:
most of our time on venture in the urban city of Chennai, a small coastal farming village called Mahabalipuram, the iconic former French colony of Puducherry — all in Tamil Nadu on the southeastern coast off the Bay of Bengal + beautiful Kochi, a hidden gem backwater village of Alleppey, the high tea inland mountains of Munnar — all in “God’s Own Country”, the lush green state of Kerala on the southwestern coast off the Arabian Sea… this quote from the legend’s autobiography pretty much sums up my experience with Team India, with deepest reverence and gratitude.

“All kinds of things rejoiced my soul in their company —
to talk and laugh, and to do each other kindnesses… to pass from lightest jesting to talk of the deepest things and back again: to differ without rancour… to teach each other and to learn from each other; to be impatient for the return of the absent, and to welcome them with joy on their home-coming; these, and such-like things, proceeding from our hearts as we gave affection and received it back, and shown by face, by voice, by the eyes, and by a thousand other pleasing ways, kindled a flame which fused our very souls together, and, of many, made us one.”

St. Augustine of Hippo (354 - 430 A.D.)

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